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The latest in global trends

"Take the product and use it with confidence before paying for it, or simply return it. This is the logic of Buy Now Pay Later (buy now and pay later), which is already a reality in several Chilean stores and a modality with a drag on young generations." - Diario Financiero by: Benjamín Pescio

Users, students and the general public are expected to know the product and what they are acquiring.

It is a commitment to quality assurance for our students.

The benefits of BN PL

Your needs for self-improvement cannot always be in line with your financial capacity.

That is why at USJMX we support you in your constant professional improvement, because we love your vocation; study with us and be part of our family when you wish.

Learn about our courses, diplomas and masters, study, learn and perfect yourself in your time and needs and pay when you want.

USJMX and AST Lo have it for you

Perform the following simple steps and you will be enjoying this worldwide trend, among all the young people on the planet.

STEP 1. Select your course, diploma or master's degree

Identify your country, select your course, verify the value (if you want it to be in the local currency of your country), enter the number of installments that are most convenient for you. Then "Next".

STEP 2. Calculate your payment plan

Then calculate your payment plan, and check the date of each monthly due date.

Then "Next" Now it is very important that you fill in all your data correctly.

STEP 3. Sign your responsibility to pay document

Finally, it is very important that you double check all the details of the Promissory Note you are going to sign.

The signature is "Simple electronic signature" so you just click on the button "I have read and ratified the terms and conditions of this promissory note" and that's it!

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